Small Business Capabilities for the CDC 

Target Offices & Programs:


  • Office of Minority Health and Health Equity
  • Office of Noncommunicable Diseases, Injury and Environmental Health
  • Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response
  • Office of the Associate Director for Communication



•Preventing Chronic Disease Program

• Act Against AIDS Campaigns

• Disparate Populations Campaign


Deck From May 25 Presentation:

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Summary of Qualifications:

We bring enterprise-level strategy and production capabilities, having performed work for global corporations such as McDonald's, Nike, and Toyota, national companies such as Allstate Insurance, Home Depot, Hartford Insurance, and Boost Mobile, and government entities such as Clayton County Water Authority, the City of Atlanta, and Fulton County Government (this project was funded by a CDC grant.)  

Services performed for these clients include Communication Strategy Creation & Execution (across digital and traditional platforms,) Event Technology, Market Research, Content Creation (TV Commercials, Digital Videos and Graphics, Print Graphic Design,) Community Engagement (public meeting planning, situational awareness, and cultural competency assessments.)

Target Contracts within Current Forecast:

  1. Project Title -  Multimedia Production and Technical Support
    • Award Date: 8/31/17
    • Contact Name:  Bradford Myers
  2. Project Title -  Act Against Aids: Prevention is Care
    • Award Date:  8/31/17
    • Contact Name:  Jeffrey Bosshart
  3. Project Title - Broadcast and Production Services
    • Award Date:  8/31/17
    • Contact Name:  Bradford Myers
  4. Project Title - Communication Marketing Support (NDDP)
    • Award Date:  8/31/17
    • Contact Name:  Jacqui North
  5. Project Title - DEHHE Communication Activities
    • Award Date:  8/25/17
    • Contact Name:  Christi Jones
  6. Project Title - Communication and Marketing Support for the Division of Adolescent and School Health
    • Reference IDV:  200-2007-20008
    • Award Date:  8/29/17
    • Contact Name:  Kymber Williams
  7. Project Title - Don't Mess With Mercury Training Video
    • Award Date:  8/22/17
    • Contact Name: Karen Gavin
  8. Project Title - Public Affairs Support Services
    • Award Date: 7/10/17
    • Contact Name: Irene Chery