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A Quick Look at Our Strategic Communications Capabilities

Sample Strategic Video Content :: Long-Form

The above video was created in a 5 year CDC (HHS) Funded Public Health initiative called the Partnership in Community Health.  The project included the production of 4 videos that highlighted the county's focus on health initiatives including Anti-Tobacco, Healthy Living, and other programs.

Sample Strategic Video Content :: Short-Form

This short form, 1-minute video from the Fulton County Partnerships To Improve Community Health (PICH) Program succinctly explains the Complete Streets concept and the many health and quality-of-life benefits Complete Streets provide to communities.  (It's a short form version of the prior video.)

Sample Digital Graphics within Social Media Strategy

Comprehensive social media expertise with ability to exponentially increase presence on social media platforms and strategically integrate online conversations to raise visibility and impact

This content is also relevant to the following categories:

  • Experience in developing website content and enhancements with techniques on expanding social media and multimedia integration with measurable outcomes
  • Experience in designing and implementing multi-media communication strategies integrated with social media content

  • Expertise in the use of social media tools to engage stakeholders for targeted communications and to use analytics to improve communications and expand visibility directed to key audiences

Link to Example

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